Sunday, May 10, 2009

Can you hear me?

"Video killed the radio star." - The Buggles, 1979.

Here's a radio interview with me on Iraq for KPFA Pacifica Radio in San Francisco. I'm in there somewhere, like blood on a rich man's hand, or not. Please listen and send feedback.

If there's poetry on the mind, then there's poetry on the grind, the kind that makes my mind bind itself into a book, and hang from a hook for you to see, where will I be, when the sun comes down to kiss me on my knee, maybe stuck at sea, on a sinking ship, shot in the hip, pierced from the lip, losing my life to the steady drip of blood flooding the ocean, coloring it red, so cut off my head, and let me fly instead, because deep in my heart, I'm already dead.

Lost between connections, Ahme,d!


  1. I must disagree with one point you made during your interview,
    You mentioned that iraqis identify with all other struggling communities in the world. I do hope its true, but i'm a little bit confused...
    i've met some Iraqi who and get irritated when comparing Iraq and Palestine!
    i'm not sure where the majority would lie...