Wednesday, May 27, 2009

From Doha, with love.

How much farther can we stay apart? I started falling apart from the start. Heart to heart missing from the way my days play with my mind. Falling behind, I start to grind what's inside to find a piece of what's gone. Lonely nights like gun fights with lights in the sky, who's ready to die, when so much of life is just a pie in the sky.

The air conditioning is playing foolish games with my senses, the cold it dispenses is relentless, selfless, and wishes wellness, but renders me helpless in the face of my minutes, moments, and hours. Here, he who devours sweets and sours will gain all the powers that he needs, how much more greed can we breed, when our minds are not even freed.

There have been little developments with me, beyond rises in the levels of mercury, when will the sea come and take this boy away, one day, I say, one day.

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